Joyetech eGrip RBA 510 Adapter

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eGrip RBA 510 Adapter is consisted of a base and a cover. It will be compatible with all eGrips, including eGrip VT 30W & eGrip CL 30W.

It helps to measure the resistance of RBA heating coil when connecting with a LED battery or ohm meter, and to adjust the heating coil in the best condition.

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Brand: Joyetech
Unit: 1set
Size: Height 21mm;Diameter 20mm
Material: Stainless steel

How to Use?
1. Please unscrew the adapter cover.
2. Put the RBA stand into the adapter base.
3. Screw on the adapter cover to secure the RBA stand.
4. Connect the adapter to a LED battery or ohm meter to measure the coil resistance.